5 Qualities to Look for in a Modern-Day Head Shop

As the marijuana industry continues to grow and mature, so too are head shops or stores that sell water pipes, glass brands and other weed accessories that prove useful to cannabis consumers. The perception of a head shop describes it as a dark-colored, dimly-lit storefront with bars over the windows, neon signs and complicated-looking products. However, today’s modern-day, quality headshops are not so scary or intimidating. You should rather feel comfortable and welcomed as employees educate you on the products you wish to purchase.

If you are inexperienced and want to visit a headshop to explore the products available, here are five traits you can look for to find out the best place in your area.

1. Knowledgeable Employees

Whether or not you possess knowledge about the products, a good headshop caters perfectly to your needs. You should never feel uncomfortable about your lack of knowledge because employees at a good headshop are well-aware of the products and their uses. They should be friendly and patient when dealing with inexperienced customers who ask a lot of basic questions. Watch out for stores that give false advice in an attempt to sell products.



2. A Drive to Stay the Best

A quality head shop has employees that know the jargon and understand the common terms like dab rig, bubbler, vaporizer, etc. They also stay updated on the latest trends so that they don’t face a problem when a customer walks in with something they don’t know about. You should be able to leave the headshop with pride and confidence about your purchase. If you feel less satisfactory at a store, you can visit other establishments that are waiting to serve your requirements.



3. Transparency

The industry has come out of dark ages and there is no reason today to maintain secrecy. A good head shop is a legitimate, honest business like any specialty store. Headshops should be honest about where they purchase goods, how they are operating and other information. If you don’t find such details easily accessible, it means the shop is not transparent and not worth your trust. At any reputable store, the employees make the best recommendation based on the customer’s needs and advise against a product if it is low-quality or does not meet the customer’s preferences.

4. A Diverse Selection of Products

A quality head shop hosts a big selection of high-quality glass, vapes and weed accessories. It stocks on all the currently trending styles, brands and artists along with classics that people expect to see. The right mix of products can give the headshop patrons a pleasurable, complete shopping experience. Most modern headshops possess a lot of knowledge about the current trends and the age-old favorites. You can check around to ensure that your favorite store price-matches industry favorites and popular brands.



5. Customer Service

Headshops are generally known for poor customer support and a good head shop will identify this and try to do better. They would strive to make their customers happy by doing things like replacing products that were defected during shipping. In-store demonstrations for electronic products and advice on using them can impress new customers and keep them coming back. A reputable store always makes its customers a priority and adds regular updates, maintaining comfortable, easy environment for shoppers.

5 Amazing Benefits of Using CBD Oil without Smoking Weed

If you are inclined to use CBD for the various health benefits it offers but are against the idea of smoking, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the various health benefits of using CBD oil. So, you can now enjoy the positive effects of smoking weed without physically smoking.

  1. Promotes Good Sleep

Stress, anxiety, and pain issues caused by old age are the enemies of good night’s sleep. So, if you spend the night scrolling Facebook and liking photos or staring at the ceiling, it’s now time to get some sleep. Millions of people around the world suffer from insomnia and other sleep-related issues, and CBD oil can help with that. With the administration of tinctures and oils, anxiety levels can be greatly reduced to promote a sense of calm that induces sleep.



  1. Reduces Pain

Pain due to weak bones in old age or pain due to accidental injury or fall can greatly compromise your quality of life. With the use of CBD oil, patients can reduce the pain caused due to recent surgery or long-term health conditions. Whether you are suffering from back pain due to strenuous physical labour, neck pain due to working long hours in front of the computer, or arthritis caused in old age, CBD oil helps in reducing pain and giving you a better life. With the use of cannabis oil, people of all ages can now claim their mobility without having to spend a lot.

The seniors suffering from pain are not comfortable with the idea of smoking weed, so the use of oil is a good way to help them enjoy the benefits of CBD.

  1. Relief from Pills

Due to uncontrollable pain, many people have become addicted to using pain killers that are widely prescribed by doctors around the world. The fact is that the pain killers do not reduce the pain, but they only amplify your body’s ability to tolerate the pain. When the effect of the medicine reduces, you can still feel the pain and popping the pills after frequent intervals become like an addiction until the time when they don’t work anymore.

CBD oil can give you freedom from this addiction. This is a natural and cheap remedy that helps your body feel better and get relief from chronic pain without having to eat pills.



  1. Reduces Seizures

Epilepsy and other seizure-related illnesses are also responsible for jeopardizing the quality of life of various individuals. Several studies have shown that using CBD oil can significantly reduce the occurrence of seizures and help people lead better lives. More studies are needed to back up the claims and make it possible for all patients who are suffering from seizures around the world feel the change.

  1. Improved Cardiac Function

Millions of people in the US alone suffer from some cardiac related disease and CBD oil can help patients deal with this deadly health condition prevalent in developed countries. There are a few studies that show how CBD oil can help mitigate cardiac dysfunction, however, more studies are needed. If you are considering using cannabis to regulate your heart problems, we would suggest that you discuss this with your doctor instead of self-medicating yourself.