The Weed Accessories that are Taking Over the Market

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One of the easiest businesses to navigate yet so profitable, weed accessories is an area of great opportunity in the cannabis industry. However, like weed-selling businesses, gadget-producers are not subject to tough codes and rules. This is why the entire cannabis products industry is growing in popularity every day. From classic favorites to modern tech, here are some of the most dominating cannabis products in the market.


Vaping has become largely popular over the recent years. It is, in fact, more popular than smoking the bud according to a survey. This is why manufacturers interested in establishing a brand focus on introducing a product line of vaporizers. Not only e-liquid vapes but dry herb vaporizers are also gaining increasing popularity. Moreover, after the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing hemp, CBD vape is on the rise. With the booming of the CBD market, CBD vape market also booms.

What makes vaping so widespread is the portability. Of all the weed products, vaporizers are the easiest to carry.

Dab Rigs

One of the fastest growing weed products n 2019, concentrates just come behind CBD Oil and gummies. Between 2016 and 2018, sale of rosin increased by 128 percent and 66 percent in Oregon and Colorado respectively. This increasing popularity coincides with the popularity of dab rigs – glass-made weed apparatus designed to smoke THC concentrates. A consumer can experience a stronger high and more of terpene taste within the weed with concentrates. It makes sense that the demand for accessories for stronger smoking experience would increase.

Herbal Infusers

People are not just switching from flower to concentrates but the interest in edibles has increased more than ever. The cannabis edibles market in Canada and the U.S is expected to be about $4.1 billion by 2022. Herbal infusers are today becoming increasingly popular as a way to make edibles at home. They allow infusing butter and oils precisely with CBD Oil.


According to the latest census reports, national consumption of cannabis has risen in recent years. This all-time high consumption demands essentials like grinders. Today, you can find multiple types of grinders. There are two and three piece models, fine grinders for vapes, plastic, metal, wood grinders and electric models.

Weed Containers

There are weed products that don’t relate to smoking the flower itself. An example is weed containers which not only keep the herb sealed for retaining smell but keep it fresh for longer. Weed containers come in great variety from plastic air-tight containers that fit inside bags to luxurious wooden boxes. You can even find UV-resistant containers designed for more serious users and wallets made for smell-proof storage of bud.

Weed producers may find the business challenging but making accessories and gadgets aimed at modern stoner requirements are subject to a completely different set of rules. With less complicated laws and better demand, weed accessories sellers like Get White Palm.

6 Reasons Why Boston is America’s Best City

America has thousands of amazing cities and towns with something wonderful to offer. However, when we talk about the best places in the country, Boston certainly tops the list. Boston is known for Fenway Park, baked beans, Marathon and a lot more. But there is a lot more that makes it one of the best cities in the United States. The city consistently tops the lists of bests around the world every year. Here are some of the reasons it does.

1. A City of Firsts

Boston was the first to build a public park in 1634. The first subway system in the country was constructed by Boston in 1897 named as the Tremont Street Subway and it made the first public school named Boston Latin in 1635. Moreover, the first industrial art school, telephone and inoculation also existed in Boston.

2. Keeping Healthy

People in Boston have numerous options to stay fit and healthy, from mind and body. There are plenty of resources for walking, running, biking and exercises here. The city acquired a place in the top ten list of fittest places in the U.S. with more playgrounds and public parks than required. Boston also gives easy access to health and wellness education hospitals, making it a happy and healthy place to live.

3. Quality of Life

Cited as one of the healthiest cities in the country, Boston features a superior quality of life as compared to others. According to a survey, Boston is one of the ten best places in terms of quality of life, the highest in the country. Many publications describe the city as the best place in Northeast to make home due to interesting family activities, strong economy and high per capita art funding.

4. Schools

Of all the reasons making Boston the best city in the United States, the schooling system is probably the biggest. When you simply name the city, thoughts of the famous University start coming in the mind. The reputation received by the Harvard University matches the grace of the city it is in. Apart from this popular institution, there are famous schools that take pride in calling Boston their home. There are highly ranked universities like Boston University, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and others. A large number of students come to Boston every year.

5. Museums

People who are fond of learning about and exploring places would love Boston. A lot of respected museums and historic places are located in the city. It has so much to offer to everybody, whether you are interested in art or science or anything else. The Museum of Fine Arts hosts one of the richest collections in the United States. It is the oldest art museum in the city and the building itself is historic. Then, there is the Museum of Science that offers an extensive collection of butterflies, exhibits on different topics and numerous events to entertain science and nature lovers.

6. Public Transportation

A lot of big cities have difficult public transportation systems that can be cumbersome for visitors as well as residents. But Boston is different. Whether you choose bus, train, bike or boat, getting from one place to another in the city is easy. Having the peace of mind that you can easily get anywhere is a big reason to make Boston the best cities to live in the U.S. An eco-friendly ticket system and five service lines make the subway system amazing for daily transportation. The public system called ‘T’ takes you from any point in Boston to another.