Top 5 Cannabis Podcasts to Watch this Season

Top Cannabis Podcasts
Source: Royal Queen Seeds

In Canada nowadays, all smokers are always seen watching marijuana podcast. They can watch them with their mobile phones, magazines, and news programs on their television. One thing about these podcasts they watch is that they are free of charge and they make the smokers to get more knowledge as well as current updates on everything related to cannabis. Even though there are a lot of podcasts on music, sports, sci-fi, love, news, business, tech, and relationships, smokers prefer to spend their time watching the onscreen podcast that is talking about cannabis and at times on cannabis accessories. 

When a smoker is trying to get more relevant information on the use of cannabis, or its accessories or head shops, they will start watching cannabis podcast. With this method, they get what they want like the legalization of cannabis, closest head shop, and the best weed accessories to smoke. So for smokers that want to get some  cannabis podcasts to watch this season, here are the main 5 podcasts available for now:

  1. The Cannabist Concert: Massed by Ricardo Baca (the Denver Post weed editor), The Cannabist as well as Denver Post, this show focuses basically on weed, having a part of stylishness. Ricardo Baca probes an array of guests from the main health official of Colorado. This is a lovable podcast for any interested smoker.
  2. Accomplishing Dough with High: Hoarded by overriding pleasantry smartness, popular weed fan Doug Benson, and Amazing High Me, this podcast is just right for smokers in love with adhering to testimonies.
  3. Intermittent Effects: This podcast is smokers that are into cannabis business or want to involve in the marijuana supply. Intermittent Effects can provide firsthand insight, fictions, advice, cannabis forecasts, as well as news on the firm from Wayne Schwind – the founder and CEO of Intermittent Edibles.
  4. Weedsmen Podcast: This podcast comes every Tuesday and Friday of a week. This is performed by hosts such as Aaron, Chris, Mikey B, and Rob. It also shows weed or marijuana news, cannabis culture and lots of indiscriminate stoner witty stoner convos with interviews. And also, they televise the twists in every show and medicate individual review.
  5. The Weed Plan by Russ Belville: In this pot converse, Russ Belville is the head. He had his complex in weed podcasting in the year 2008 as he conquest NORML’s every day Audio Stash, which is not running again. Then he went ahead to generate The Weed Plan – a 30-minute podcast showing every Wednesday with a lot of science, stats, news, interviews, as well as polls in line with the international corroboration of weed.


Smoking is not only about consuming and removing smokes; every smoker ought to at least watch some podcast to learn more about what they smoke. To help them, some cannabis podcast has been listed above in the write-up, so they can easily find them on the internet, on the radio, newspapers, magazines or TV programs. However, the pharmacological activities and dried residues of the crude extracts of psychotropic mushrooms were investigated in mice. It indicated the presence of psilocin and other hallucinogenic substances, when the pure psilocybin extracts were used, slight differences in determined LD50 values were also observed.